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Whats new in 2013


Well for one thing I can’t figure out how to upload any images. My program updates have thrown me for a loop.


Beyond that, well, Emily and I are proud parents of our baby daughter, Zara Jadoonath. Things are great and slowwwww. Not as many pots getting made as in the past, but I think thats  a good thing.

More quality studio time = Less mediocre pots.

The  2013 Spring backyard sale is coming up on Friday May 18th from 9-5 and Saturday May 19th from 10-4.

This year Brenna Klassen-Glanzer who is a great Silversmith and Tom Abel who makes crunchy pots will be back. New this year will be Zac Spates who make woodfired pots from North Hudson.

I hope to be doing a couple more Art Fairs this summer as well as for sure the Crossing Borders Tour and the Fall home sale.

Yeah, and hopefully I can get this image upload dillema resolved.

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