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Peter Jadoonath Fall Backyard Pottery Sale 2016

Jadoonath_Fall_SocialThis year the  Fall Backyard Sale will have the usual suspects Mike Helke, Jason Trebs, and Joe Singewald. This year we have a new comrade  joining us, the talented Sarah Dudgeon, and as always myself.

The sale will be September 17th – 18th, 9am – 5pm both days, rain or shine. The sale will be at our home in Shafer, Minnesota, about 45 minutes north of Minneapolis and 5 miles west of Taylors Falls. Our address is 30208 Tern Avenue, Shafer, MN 55074.  Follow the “Take Me to the River” signs.

There will be a wonderful diversity of pottery for sale in an awesome environment. Enjoy great pots, great people, and a slice of pie.

For more information on art events going on in the St. Croix Valley visit www.takemetotheriver.info

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  1. Reiko says:

    So excited to hear about the upcoming pottery sale! I just updated my blog with a dish served in your bowl I bought from your yard sale a few years ago and I was just wondering if you have another one soon!

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