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One down, more to go.

This backyard sale this past weekend was a great time. Thanks to all of those who came by. We had a lot of rain on Saturday morning and on Sunday evening as we cleaned up we got just pummeled by the rain. At one point the backyard started flooding. Thankfully all my pots are heavy and I never had to worry if they would float away. Emily took a lot of great photos and when I transfer them to my computer I will be sure to post some. As far as the what is next. June 1st, Saturday I will be booth #34 at the Saint Anthony Park Art Festival, and next week I will be delivering some pots to the Blank Canvas Art Gallery in Park Rapids, where I will be a guest summer artist.

I have not had pots for sale through my website in quite a long time, however I am going to reactivate my etsy store and get that up and running by weeks end.

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