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The mornings are best in the workshop, 2016

One of the main reasons I like making pots is the physicality of it. I find it easy to get lost in the movements that tie wandering thoughts to repetitive and speculative motion. As the sun creeps up, the early parts of the day in the pottery are the most rewarding  with a black cup of coffee. But depending on peaceful mornings, plein aire picnics, and abundant  evening barbeques are a fools delight. Sometimes you gotta trim bowls and sometimes you screw half of them up.

This year I have a few lines cast already and a few ready to cast out.

I am hoping to get the showroom up and running by mid April, keep galleries stocked, some art fairs, Bell Street  Gallery reception June 25th, home Sale September 17-18, Crossing Borders Studio Tour September 23-25, and some more events to be determined this fall.

Check back later to get more details.

If your at NCECA this year I will have some pots, creatures and humanoids at the Northern Clay Center Expo.

Boom, Seeya

-Peter J

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