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My pots over the years have ebbed and flowed  with my life, mindset, skill level, desires, goals and everything else that clogs up ones spirit, mind, and ego. This year is the first year in nearly five years where my pottery studio is stable. No schlepping glaze buckets, hauling boneware to be bisqued, reserving a glaze kln. Besides the normal hernia inducing work, I will be completely working at the home studio.

I was speaking with Emily the other day and I told her I have a new outlook on potting. ” I’m not gonna try anymore”, she had a guffaw look to her. What I explained is that for the last 14 years of making pots I have not really been making pots in a genuine way other than a few moments. I have been focused on trying to get  better, trying to make a statement, trying to make a body of work, trying to be original, trying to improve my skills,  trying to make good pots, trying trying trying. How about playing, how about fun, how about intuition? So I’m just gonna make pots and quit worrying so much on my place in the pottery timeline.



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