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Impending Spring Backyard Sale 2012

As of right now I have just under two weeks to go before the Spring Backyard Sale. Hopefully the kilns fire off ok and hopefully we have decent weather that is all I can wish for. There is a ton work to do still but its so exciting. Currently I am juggling all facets of the pot making process from making one more batch of clay so I can make so more cups and bowls to glazing and firing in between. So here are the important details. The sale will take place in our back yard on May 19th-20th. Saturday the 19th it will go from 9-5, and Sunday the 20th is will go from 10-4.

Our address is 1635 Burns Ave, St. Paul, MN 55106, its a green house.

When you arrive please park in the driveway or park on the eastbound side of the street. Parking is not allowed on the westbound side so please be aware. Also, Burns Ave can be a busy residential road so please take your time.

The entrance gate to the backyard is around the leftside of the house.

If your interested in seeing the many activities of the next two weeks check out my “Just making pots” blog to catch up on the latest news.


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