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Events for 2011

Well 2011 is shaping into a whirl wind pottery tour for me. This coming Friday is the opening of the “Clay Comrades ” exhibition. The next major event will be a reception at the Bell Street Gallery on Madeline Island in Northern Wisconsin for the summer solstice.  The weekend of June 17th and 18th I will be up there showing pots and doing demonstrations. If you have never been to that area it is quite beautiful. Lake Superior is stunningly clear and crisp up there.

For the most of the summer I will be making pots, bike riding, and fishing, hopefully. My next big event will be the American Pottery Festival at the Northern Clay Center. I am really excited about this opportunity.  This will  take place September 9th – 11th. It is quite a major pottery happening involving pottery sales, demonstrations, discussion, and ideas, which involve potters from all over the country.

The following weekend, September 17th and 18th I will be in Hudson, Wisconsin for the Rustic Road Pottery Sale or other wise know as the Barn Sale. Cuz it literally takes place in a barn and outside the barn. It is a great setting of pots, flowers, raku firings, pottery demostrations, and a big dog name Bridget who is half Irish Wolfhound and Standard Poodle.

The weekends of September 23 – 25 and  Sept 30 – Oct 2, I will part of the Crossing Borders Tour on the North Shore. I will be at the home of Dick and Debbie Cooter. Dick makes gnarley woodfired pots while listening to the Ramones, and Debbie makes charming textiles while listening to…….well I don’t what she likes to listen to. Its a whole tour of art studios that coincides with the explosion of the fall colors.

Do you think I’m done, not even close. October 7th – 9th I will be at the Back Alley Gallery in St. Paul. The St. Paul Art Crawl is a studio crawl which takes place in historic Lowertown. The Back Alley Gallery is a Co – op which is wild eclectic mix of artists which always leads to  a bunch of good laughs.

Well the next week end I will be hosting my second annual back yard sale. This year Joe Singewald, Ross Nordquist, and Jason Trebs will be returning as guests as well as Mike Helke who is returning to Minnesota. Last year we had a great time. We had such great weather and such an awesome turn out. Pottery, a campfire, and some home made cookies equal a good time.

The last thing will be the 60 on 50th art sale which takes place at the Burroughs School in South Minneapolis. It is a one day event on November 5th. Well thats it for now,  I imagine this will lead to some many great stories through out the summer while cranking in the studio.


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