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Crossing Borders Art Tour

Pottery browsingStudio door



This fall I participated in the Crossing Borders Studio Tour along the North Shore in northern Minnesota. I was to the home and studios of Dick and Debbie Cooter. Dick makes beautiful, rugged, functional, woodfired pottery. Debbie is an experienced weaver who crafts vibrant and stunning rugs, placemats, scarfs, mittens……..

I have known them for the past ten years and I have always deeply admired there work, their work ethic, and them as people. Being asked by them to participate in the sale and stay with them meant alot more than just selling pots.

Besides the sale, good food, and company a couple of the highlights of the weekends was the finishing of the kiln patio made from the previous kiln. Dick built a new kiln this past summer with the help of a couple people, especially Ann. Later, Ann brought over her first motorcycle a “Honda 90” which Dick tinkered with to try to get it running.


Kiln patioDicks potsclick to get a massive view


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