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Pots in Action

Tom and Yasuko, some great friends of mine, sent me this tasty picture of boat tray in action. They picked out this pot a couple years ago up on the Crossing Borders Studio Tour. Those green beans look delicious. Please like & share:

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The Latest.

Well I took a few years off from doing art fairs. I did do the St. Kates show last year, but aside from that I have not done an organized art fair since about 2007, I think, In Austin, Texas.   There were a handful of reasons I stopped, but the primary one was I …

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Updating my status, March 16th, 2013, 11:47 am

So, after the flurry of falls activities, mainly learning to change diapers while running a bisque load, I took some time off. I don’t think I made any pots in December, and maybe just made clay in January. February turned out to be soooo cold that my progress was slow. But, it is amazing what …

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I hate Snakes!

Based upon the  most recent time I watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” it appears that I am loading greenware into the Ark of the Covenant, haha, no it’s just my classy Skutt. Last year at this time in Minnesota it was 80 degrees and we planted our garden from seed. Tonight we are preparing …

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My pots over the years have ebbed and flowed  with my life, mindset, skill level, desires, goals and everything else that clogs up ones spirit, mind, and ego. This year is the first year in nearly five years where my pottery studio is stable. No schlepping glaze buckets, hauling boneware to be bisqued, reserving a …

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